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Real-Time Visibility of Your Network.
In a Single Interactive Lens.

Consolidate protection, detection, and remediation capabilities in a single frame with a single tool that delivers what most SIEM and SOAR tools only promise: a complete view of your network.

What Does CLAW Do?

  • Threat Hunting: Illuminate the threats hiding in your network by bringing the power of all your tools together into a single solution, without gaps.
  • Vulnerability Detection: Catch the threats others miss with complete network visibility, giving you direct access to detect where your organization is most vulnerable, and take the necessary steps to protect it.
  • Full Network Visibility:View every device and asset in your network, consolidated into one single immersive view. CLAW gives you military-grade visibility trusted by organizations across the globe.
  • Gap Closure: Discover the gaps between your systems and toolsets, and reveal your existing vulnerabilities so you can reduce your attack surface and prevent attacks.

No more false positives.

No more alert fatigue.

Today’s cyber-battlefield is complex. Accelerated, multilayered IT, OT and IoT all converging to make it harder to see the complete picture – and easier for threats to hide. As an operator with CLAW by CybernetIQ, you get the complete picture, and expose previously undetected threat vectors.


Eliminate False Positives

You don’t have time to deal with false positives.

Threats are increasing in both sophistication and frequency, but you don’t have to fall victim to them.

CLAW eliminates false positives by putting your operators in the driver’s seat. Where other platforms simply tell you what’s happening in the network, CLAW shows you.

No more guessing. Just cold, hard, verifiable data.

Eliminate Noise

Your noise to signal levels are constantly maxed out.

That signal, especially in the context of cybersecurity, is vital to the team and resources tasked with protecting the network environment. Teams can use CLAW to enable their operators to interact with the cybersecurity stack, while getting a complete view of the full network.This accuracy is essential to provide a faster time to response and time to detect, a primary enterprise KPI.

The Machine Learning and AI capabilities that CLAW Intelligence collects through proprietary understanding of the network behaviors unlocks an ability to see vulnerabilities before they become exploited.

Presented in a fully interactive highly engaging attack surface analysis platform, CLAW offers an unprecedented window into the health of a network. Getting the most from your tools enables your team to maintain business as usual in a time of expanding cybersecurity challenges.

Eliminate Alert Fatigue

Alert Fatigue is a serious problem in our business. Not every anomaly is a security incident. Not all critical findings are truly critical.

Analysts don’t have time to sift through countless anomalies; they must focus on the real threats and the highest priorities.

As a foundational benefit of multiple source overlay (MSO), our advanced AI engine leverages state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to implement the best accuracy for detection. It analyzes time series and peer groups with unsupervised learning, performs complex behavior analysis through modeling relationships with Graph ML, and generalizes known attack patterns with supervised learning. It also correlates and builds context with advanced Graph ML, so that we can present the high priority attacks with rich context.

Maximize Current Investments

Most organizations are only able to use a fractional percentage of their cybersecurity tools.

Between the complexity of the tools on the market, the time to train operators, and the skills gap, it’s no wonder teams are only getting 5-10% of the available use out of their programs.

CLAW enables teams to maximize their existing cybersecurity investments by consolidating the data from all the tools in their tech stack into one simple-to-understand lens.

Now, instead of only using a percentage of your cyber tools – you can fully maximize the use of your investments.

Level Up Existing Team

The cybersecurity skills gap is growing.

Qualified, experienced SecOps and SecEng professionals are becoming harder to find, and the truth is that we can’t rely on our ability to hire enough experienced professionals anymore.

We’re not suggesting removing the human element. We’re not even dismissing the need for detailed understanding.

Rather, we’d like to paint a better picture for the people that are in the seats making the choices.

And the operators you have right now are saturated.

At CybernetIQ, we believe in bridging the technological divide.

We shorten the gap between human and machine, we have the ability to share this knowledge without the delays between systems or people. Blended between the existing security investments and drawing from across the wide range of existing technologies, CLAW operators can synthesize a broader scope of effectiveness without needing the time / effort to train up on every single piece of kit available.

With CLAW, junior operators can speed up, and senior operators can increase their efficiency.

CLAW equips teams with faster perception of the “ground truth”; quicker methods to socialize the cybersecurity situation with the team, and a positive sum game for security operators to solve big challenges within the enterprise.

With CLAW, cyber security teams are able to level up their existing teams, regardless of skill levels…without adding to headcount.

Single Source of Truth

Remove the guesswork.

Before CLAW: each tool and platform has its own idea of what’s going on in the network, and operators are forced to waste precious time and resources determining which has the most accurate representation of the network and priorities.

With CLAW: the data from all your tools is in one interactive place, gaps are removed, and vulnerabilities are shown in real-time. This enables operators to see for themselves what the priorities are, and where to focus time and resources.

See it for yourself.

Request a live demo to see the full capabilities of CLAW – customized with your company’s real-time data. You’ll get access to a complete view of your data, discover existing gaps within your system, and find where your vulnerabilities lie.

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    Differentiator: Leveraging Multiple Source Overlay (MSO) to Integrate Your SecOps Approach

    What is MSO?

    MSO (Multiple Source Overlay) is the feed that an attack surface analysis platform interprets to easily visualize, detect, correlate, investigate and respond to attacks in real-time across your entire cyber battlefield.

    MSO Brings SecOps Teams to the Next Level

    Reducing the time from exposure to closure, siloed tools are spun together to deliver fast detection, investigation, and remediation actions with automation through a military-grade AI-powered platform.

    MSO Harnesses All Existing Security Tools

    It consolidates and compresses the security data from the entire attack surface into actionable incidents with centralized incidents response capabilities.

    MSO Consolidates Multiple Security Tools into One

    A comprehensive and efficient security incident detection and response platform by combining elements of:

    • Security information and event management (SIEM)
    • Security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR)
    • Endpoint detection and response (EDR)
    • Network detection and response (NDR)
    • User and entity behavioral analysis (UEBA)
    • Threat Intelligence Platform(TIP) in a cloud-native platform

    What are the Key Attributes of MSO?


    CLAW provides a 360-degree view of the by collecting, transforming the data across your entire IT Infrastructure from network, endpoints, users, cloud to applications.


    Automatic threat detection and correlation through machine learning and behavior analysis.


    Tightly integrated security applications work together in harmony to detect threats across the entire cyber kill chain.


    Automatic response without leaving the platform, reducing the threat dwelling time from hours/days to seconds/minutes.


    Accurate threat detection in real-time by piecing together complex attacks missed by the others.


    Micro-service clustering architecture scaling with the ever-growing data across the hybrid cloud environment.

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